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Artist, performer, and early-childhood educator Baba Ras D is adding the title of ‘Author’ to his array of talents with the launch of his new book entitled “STAY IN YOUR LIGHT: 21 Days of Fasting on the Journey Towards Self Mastery.” Baba Ras D released the new memoir as an audiobook, as well as a paperback and e-book edition now available on Amazon.

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Baba Ras D is pleased to offer this original ‘musical enlightenment’ for your group of children to explore. Think of it as your little one’s first opportunity to express his or her voice (into a microphone), dance, play a drum or percussion instrument, shout, or sing-along to songs that build character, confidence and community.

With more than 20 years of experience in youth development, education, and conflict resolution, Baba Ras D’s “Harambee” is a morning jolt of inspiration for parents, caregivers and children. Baba Ras D services dozens of child care centers in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area, ranging from private day care centers, community centers, churches, and senior homes to independent child care centers, Montessori child care centers/schools, the Department of Interior Child Care Center, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) day care, and birthday parties.

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As a Natural Born Servant Leader, Baba Ras D was born at the height of the Civil Rights era in Washington, D.C. and raised in a household that practiced myriad forms of faith-based expression and spiritual enlightenment including A.M.E. Baptist, Evangelical Christian, Catholic and Traditional African Religions.

This multicultural religious experience gave birth to a love and inspiration for music and creative self-expression during Baba Ras D’s formative years. Countless spiritual retreats and revivals fostered an appreciation and respect for the Spirit Soul and a reverence for the Ancestors and the Supernatural.

Fortified with a hedge of love and light for protection, Baba Ras D transitioned through life often being singled out as the ‘classroom mediator,’ while at every level of his athletic journey he was awarded the title of Team Captain.

Having matured early into the role of Servant Leader, as a Conflict Resolution and Crisis Intervention Counselor along with being a Trained Behavioral Modification Specialist, Baba Ras D has served and inspired countless children and young adults across the criminal justice spectrum.

With a desire to reach an even more vulnerable segment of the population before his journey is completed, Baba Ras D founded and developed The HARAMBEE Experience, an ‘Early Childhood Elevation Activity and Play Program.’ HARAMBEE is where children celebrate learning through movement and songs. ‘Young Scholars’, as he refers to the youth, are encouraged to “PASS THE PEACE, SO THE PEACE CAN INCREASE.” HARAMBEE has successfully served hundreds of thousands of Young Scholars over 20 years.


Having solidified through service his impact on the children of our future, Baba Ras D has now turned his attention to the importance of “Positive Thought Life” and it’s aid in the restoration of one’s mental wellness. It is with this intention that Baba Ras D has recently released his first memoir entitled “STAY IN YOUR LIGHT: 21 Days of Fasting on The Journey Towards Self Mastery.” With a desire to inspire the listener to reflect, remember, realign, recommit, reconnect, restart, restore, and ultimately Return to Balance, #STAYINYOURLIGHT offers insight into the Power of Love coming from the Source of The Light Within.

Baba Ras D shares, “Self-Mastery is our Destiny along this Life’s Journey of The Great Awakening. As we continue to witness, Nature is aligning with the Will and Mind of the Divine. It would be wise and well-advised for the Spirit Souls of Humanity to also desire, like Nature, to be in Alignment with a Divine Assignment. Until then, Stay In Your Light!”

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