In Swahili, Harambee means “All pull together.” “Harambee” is the practice of hope, possibility and compassion — basically, all the things that happen when we all come together.

Baba Ras D is pleased to offer this original ‘musical enlightenment’ for your group of children to explore. Think of it as your little one’s first opportunity to express his or her voice (into a microphone), dance, play a drum or percussion instrument, shout, or sing-along to songs that build character, confidence and community.

With more than 20 years of experience in youth development, education, and conflict resolution, Baba Ras D’s “Harambee” is a morning jolt of inspiration for parents, caregivers and children. Baba Ras D services dozens of child care centers in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area, ranging from private day care centers, community centers, churches, and senior homes to independent child care centers, Montessori child care centers/schools, the Department of Interior Child Care Center, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) day care, and birthday parties.


Birthday Parties and Special Events (includes one drummer plus an ensemble of percussion instruments, Laser light show, Bubble Machine, as well as Happy HARAMBEE Birthday magnets for the Special Guest Of Honor):

Corporate Events, Workshops and Conferences:

  • Prices are determined per event.

For more information, and to schedule your Harambee event with Baba Ras D, please call (202) 210-0261 or send us a message.

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Order your favorite album on CD by Baba Ras D now!!

Also available in mp3s (digital download)!!!

Harambee at Ideal kids videos will Give Your Child the Gift of Learning through Movement and Song!


Kids Videos by Harambee with Baba Ras D may be beneficial to your child’s development.

Just listen to what this professional had to say about Harambee. This is what you get in these kids videos!

While some programs just entertain your child, Harambee with Baba Ras D will educate your young one in the art of musical expressionBy watching and singing along with Baba Ras D’s original music, your youngster will stimulate new brain activity and cultivate their view of the worldMany programs promise the world and deliver little in the way of enlightenment and understanding. Harambee with Baba Ras D gives your child the world through music and allows them to take on a new view.

If you are ready to have more than what you did with past programs that you couldn’t watch for boredom, Harambee’s children’s video series is sure to become a new chapter for the entire family. Your youngest child will feel just as included as your eldest family member.

This is the first in the series to come… Get Harambee at Ideal today and inside you’ll receive a downloadable video that is playable on all your mobile, computer and digital accessible devices!!

Harambee at Ideal includes the songs “Come Join the Circle”, “Caring is Sharing”, as well as Baba Ras D’s well-known favorite “Pass the Peace!” 


For more information, and to schedule your Harambee event with Baba Ras D, please call (202) 210-0261 or send us a message. Thank you!